Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Private swapping

When I joined Instagram a year ago, it was primarily to reach more people to help me with my Soy Amado project.

As the weeks went by though, I did start looking at what other people were up to and there was one person in particular whose feed kept catching my eye. She is called imasavonasac  and I just love her use of colour and the original shapes she designs and sews together.

So back end of last year I asked her if she'd be interested in doing a private pillow/cushion swap and she said yes.

Fast forward to the last 10 days and we swapped. There may also have been chocolate involved and on my part at least, it is no longer around for documentary evidence.

I made this.

And received this in return.

We like pretty much the same kinds of fabrics and although I have most of them used in the cushion, I would never have put them together the way she did. I find it really different and creative and I love it.

I would definitely recommend this kind of craft swapping. If you admire someone's work, just go ahead and ask. I think it works better than taking part in a blind group swap where your partners are assigned for you. Sometimes I have struggled to fully 'get' what I think my partner would like and, I am sure, vice versa.

On this occasion, it was definitely a win-win.

Thank you Sami for a great swap.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Soy Amado No. 57

The sun is shining and spring could well be in the air.

No. 57 gave me problems.

I sewed a row no problem.

Then a sewed another row.

And then I realised the person who provided the blocks for the second row had made them 12" and not 12 1/2" which left me with two rows to sew together which were clearly not going to meet where they should.

I contemplated undoing the first row and scaling the blocks down to 12" but I couldn't face that so I'm afraid I resorted to brutally cutting off the excess either end and to be honest, the quilt is none the wiser for it.

And while I was huffing and puffing that conundrum and cutting all the other blocks in this quilt down to 12",  I inadvertently sewed two blocks with the same colour next to each other and then one completely back to front which offends my colour placement aesthetics but I have got over it.

And the back with the one random rogue front block.

Now usually I would take the quilt for an outing for you but Dog Walking Friend and I decided to go incognito without the quilt and instead here are some lovely spring pictures for you sans aforementioned quilt.

There's 26 more of these here and they're all different and rather nice too.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Soy Amado No. 56

All the blocks for this quilt very kindly came from Ingrid (obsessivequilter on Instagram) so it was a pretty straightforward assembly from me.

We're out and about again as the weather is playing kinder today. In the background is Lihou island which is only reachable when the tide is out and you make your way across the makeshift causeway.

The one house you can see is the only house on the island and is owned by a trust who let people rent it out. It is used a lot by the schools here and both our daughters have had the childhood 'a night on Lihou' experience.

And hats off to the quilt holder upper who had just been picked up from the airport having flown from half way round the world, missing a night's sleep and been told they would be going home via somewhere so a picture of the quilt could be taken :-)

Friday, 6 February 2015

A bit of felty fun

I purchased the pattern for this cushion last year when I visited Material Obsession.

The patterns are put together by Wendy Williams.

You can buy completed kits here but I just bough the pattern, separately bought some felt and off I went.

I loosely followed the pattern sort of.

I'm not a natural when it comes to hand embroidery stitches and I do feel I may have invented some new ones as I went along.

So avant garde are they, I have cropped them out of the following image.

Wendy has you attaching the felt to the background fabric, backing that with a muslin fabric and then assembling into the cushion.

That felt (pun intended if you so wish) like following too many instructions so I attached it to the background fabric, added batting and backing and then quilted it.
A very successful look, particularly the bit top left in the below pic which I forgot to quilt.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed making the cushion.

And I would definitely do it again.

linking up to finish it up friday

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Soy Amado No. 55

All the blocks in this quilt came from one person, including an instructional two page step-by-step of how I was to assemble the blocks to make the quilt the way the maker envisaged.

I was tempted to ignore the letter and do it the way I wanted to.
Just because I rather like assembling these quilts in a random way.

But I reminded myself someone had taken the time to make all these blocks, reined in my inner-truculence, behaved and did as I was told.

And I'm rather glad I did.

Beautiful quilt in a beautiful location.

I took these photos less than an hour ago and have not touched up the colours in any way.

It's not often, but just once in a while we get a gorgeous winter's day and suddenly it feel as if spring is lurking just around the corner.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Soy Amado No.54

Happy New year to you.

Still slowly chugging away at these.

Too windy and miserable to even attempt a location shoot for you for Soy Amado No. 54 so the back garden it is.

Not even going to pretend it's a nice winter's day because it's not.

Not unless horizontal rain and heavy winds are your thing.

(They're most definitely not mine)

Although I'm clinging to the thought that technically the evenings are getting lighter now.

It's just I haven't noticed it yet.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A modern year end

Almost a year ago, I ordered some screen printed scraps from Karen Lewis.

I immediately sorted some of them into what I thought would be the makings of a good quilt.

But then I got busy with other things and it got put to one side.

A couple of weeks ago, I revisited my idea and decided to add some more fabric in. As you can see, they are only small scraps of fabric so it seemed to me, the best way to show them off, would be to attempt to make a modern(ish) quilt.

I completely took as my 'pattern', the design off one of Karen's prints.

And off I went.

I made it smallish because well, I wasn't really enjoying it that much.

At one point I was in danger of falling off my chair with flat out boredom.
There is just something about a limited colour scheme and great wodges of plain fabric that just don't do it for me.

I want a personality in a quilt and I just felt this was a bit flat, clinical and completely not me.

Colour is off in this one - the vagaries of night time flash photography
However, finisher that I am, I powered on and last night sewed the binding down.

We woke up this morning to one of those rarities - a perfect winter's day, which meant my little bit of modern was going public.

So as it was my idea, I got to do the long walk down the quay.

Which therefore meant I was not in control of the all important art direction.

Errr hello, camera on quilt please

Closer would be better if you wouldn't mind

Thank you.

And the back.

I don't dislike it but I'm not in love with it either.

It was a useful exercise in trying something different but that was it.

I shall continue to make quilts that to me are exciting, visually stimulating and that use a ton of prints.

Roll on 2015 -  may you walk to the beat of your own drum.

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